Advanced Thermosensory Stimulator (TSA)

The Latest Advances in Thermal Pain Stimulation

  • Precise stimulation temperature control

  • External Control programming capability

  • Rapid thermal stimulation rates- up to 13°C/sec

  • Single and Dual Thermode configurations

  • Upgradeable for the fMRI imaging environment

Click here to watch our in-depth webinar about the capabilities of TSA 2

Enhanced precision in a robust, portable device


TSA 2 Allows you to:

  • Develop dynamic protocols using MATLAB® and similar platforms​

  • Dual thermode model to facilitate CPM and other advanced protocols

  • Fifteen years of advancements in meeting fMRI Imaging needs

  • 7T and 3T MRI tested

  • Thermode configurations for 30x30mm, 16x16mm, intra-oral, intra-vaginal and fMRI

Various Thermode sizes and shapes:


We offer various sizes and shapes of thermodes to use with TSA 2. 


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TSA 2  External Control

  • Enables external computer programs (such as MATLAB®) to interface with Medoc Main Station software using a closed set of commands and responses.

  • Provides programmatic access to specific actions that can be applied during a typical test procedure.

  • A standard feature on the new TSA 2 device.

  • Works with a standard ethernet cable.

Download the TSA 2 Brochure

Download the TSA 2 technical specs

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