Medoc's Life-cycle Support Program

Extended warranty

An additional year (12 months) of system warranty available when purchased with the initial order, warranty extension plan can potentially save you the cost of an expensive repair in the future. Contact Medoc or your local distributor for more information.

On-site initial installation and turn-up

Our expert engineer can meet you on-site and assist you with your system installation and turn-up. we can also provide the training for your staff, go over possible troubleshooting and make sure they have all necessary information to make the most of the system and its abilities and save a lot of time.

Expert on-site

An on-site expert will periodically review, analyze and fine-tune the deployed Medoc devices. This will include an analysis of the current configuration and set up, and a detailed report specifying points of improvement and optimization based upon configuration, and research requirements.

fMRI on-site installation and turn-up

This service is offered specifically for the PATHWAY users in fMRI environment. Due to the importance and sensitivity of PATHWAY installation in fMRI, we offer a bundle service which includes 2 days installation by Medoc engineer expert on-site, as well as annual remote support for any problem you might have to minimize expensive downtime in the scanner.

fMRI annual remote support

This service is offered for customers using our systems in fMRI environment. This service allows us to connect to the system via remote control and find out the nature of the problem. Our service team could then offer possible solutions, ensuring the system would be up and running again in minimum downtime.

CHEPS-CE annual remote support

This service is offered for customers using our PATHWAY model CHEPS to record Evoked Potentials (EP), which is not always easy. This service allows guide and support you through this process, help you with the recording and assist in analyzing the data you find.

Training and certification

Technical training combines frontal and practical hands-on sessions for Medoc products and can be held either at the end-user facility or at a Medoc facility. Max. 10 participants, 2 days minimum. Training agenda may be customized based on your specific requirements, focusing on the following technologies:

  • Medoc products benefits, configurations and research implementation
  • Troubleshooting techniques – Tips & Tricks for Medoc products

Remote expert/cloud services

This service will provide you with our remote experts, assisting with monitoring and provisioning our products. Medoc experts will help you manage your systems via remote tools and perform coordinated upgrades and configuration optimization.

  • Firmware upgrade
  • Troubleshooting
  • Remote Monitoring and configuration

Advanced customized reports

Do you have specific requirements for your test reports? we can offer this service to assist you in generating advanced customization of your test reports to meet your needs.

Scientific expert consulting services

We offer this service to our customers who would like to consult with our scientific expert about protocols, the nature of their study and to get their take on the scientific aspect of their study using Medoc devices. Our scientific expert is just an e-mail away, and would be happy to assist!

Scientific project management

Medoc scientific expert will assist you with your project management activities, to improve your testing plans and resource allocation.

Medoc Professional Services (MPS) offer an extensive and customizable Life-cycle Support Program for our customers.

The aim of this MPS offering is to help & support you in activities, such as installation, configuration, on-site as well as remote support and will help eventually to have a successful tests and research using Medoc devices.

Our Life-cycle Support Program can be customized to fit your specific needs and includes the following:

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