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Rapid Heat and Cold Stimulation

CHEPS for TSA2 is a perfect tool for rapid and precise heat and cold stimulation. The CHEPS for TSA 2 is a second generation of Medoc CHEPS, and is based on Medoc’s vast knowledge and experience in CHEPS gained over the years.

CHEPS for TSA2 deploys an extremely fast heating rate of 70°C/sec and cooling rate of 40°C/sec, to deliver stimuli within a wide temperature range of 0°C to 55°C.

Its unique capabilities allow performing a wide range of advanced thermal stimulation modalities – evoked potentials testing, phasic temporal summation, and many more.

CHEPS for TSA2 holds various benefits:

  • Enables Heat and Cold Evoked Potentials testing

  • Suitable for phasic temporal summation

  • Wide temperature range – from 0 to 55 ºC

  • Rapid stimulation rates for both heat and cold stimulation

  • Precise temperature control in both fast and slow rates

  • Large and continuous stimulation surface for robust signal and sensation

  • Available in fMRI configuration

  • External Control and TTL capabilities

CHEPS for TSA2 may contribute to your research or clinical work in many possible applications:


The CHEPS thermode’s ability in heat and cold pulses enables recording of both contact heat evoked potentials (CHEPs) and cold evoked potentials (CEP) via EEG. CHEPS allows delivery of sharp and rapid thermal stimulation, essential for the recording of evoked potentials.

The TSA 2 device can be fully synchronized with the EEG application via TTL IN and OUT, allowing intuitive EEG data analysis.

Learn more about Evoked Potentials testing.

CHEPS for TSA 2 allows the delivery of repeated fast painful stimuli, at the frequency required for Phasic Temporal Summation, a phenomenon in which repeated and equal-intensity noxious stimuli cause an increase in the pain experienced. Temporal summation in an important protocol in pain research and can be used to assess central sensitization and better understand the mechanisms of chronic pain in various etiologies.

Read more about Temporal Summation.

2U7A2055 (1).jpg

CHEPS for TSA 2 is available in fMRI configuration, with accelerated rates, to apply precise and immediate thermal stimulation in the fMRI environment. The CHEPS thermode can be also used in combination with other neuroimaging techniques. External Control capabilities allow the precise and timed implementation of the fast heat and cold stimulation in complex and sophisticated experiments, to be combined with other types of stimulation, psychological or physical tasks, and more.

Find more information about Medoc devices use in fMRI environment.

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