TSA 2 Thermode 30*30
TSA 2 Thermode 16*16

Medoc offers a wide range of thermodes for use with the TSA 2, to support multiple research and clinical environments and an ever-increasing range of applications.

  • 30x30mm Thermode

  • 16x16mm Thermode

  • New! CHEPS for TSA 2 Thermode

  • 30x30mm fMRI Thermode

  • 16x16mm fMRI Thermode

  • TSA 2 CHEPS fMRI Thermode

  • 6 mm diameter (Intra-oral) Thermode

Medoc recommends regularly checking and calibrating thermodes to assure stimulation precision and safety. Please check your device’s User Manual on calibration recommendations and procedure. The calibration procedure is a mostly easy and automatic process. 

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