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Maximizing the success of analgesic clinical trials with 
tailored QST Solutions 


Why QST?

  • Phenotyping patients based on underlying pain mechanisms

  • Secondary outcome measures

  • Safety outcome measures

“… the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has recently acknowledged […] that sensory profiling and subgrouping […] is an adequate stratification tool for determining specific sensory phenotypes of patients…”     (EMA 2016, Baron et al., 2017)

Early design phase spport

Early design phase support including research and guidelines

Recommendations for advanced testing

Recommendations for advanced QST test batteries and QST endpoints

Plug and pay tecnologies

Streamlined, plug & play technologies with easy setup and operation

customized software and reports

Customized software and reports for a program/trial-specific protocol and needs

Multilayered training approach

Multi-layer training approach, including IM materials, trainings at sites, webinars and more

Comprehensive support

Ongoing, comprehensive support covering all elements of QST performance, monitoring and protocol execution

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