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Simple, validated, thermal testing for small peripheral nerve fibers 



Q-Sense is a portable, easy-to-use and affordable quantitative sensory testing (QST) device for clinical, research and pharmacologic trial use.

Q-Sense offers scientifically validated measures of warm, cool and heat-pain thermal sensory thresholds. All of these can be useful determinants in the evaluation of peripheral sensory nerve function, neuropathic pain, diabetic, chemotherapeutic, and other small-fiber neuropathies.

Q-Sense Benefits:


The impairment in thermal cutaneous perception is one of the attributes for the early stage of diabetic neuropathy and may serve a predictor factor in asymptomatic patients. Since the development of diabetic neuropathy is length-dependent, QST should be performed primarily on the feet or hands.


Q-Sense Features:


  • Sensitive and reproducible

  • Pre-programmed test algorithms

  • Versatile patient database

  • Normative reference data

  • Easy-to-interpret clinical test report

  • Easy data export to excel

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