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TSA2 Air - Portable full-range QST

TSA2 Air

Why TSA2 Air?

TSA2 Air is the newest device by Medoc, offering an air-cooled and light device that will ease day-to-day handling.

This new cooling technology allows the broadest range of temperatures from 0-53°C, and fast rates, all this in an air-cooled device.

The standard 30x30 mm thermode is available, suitable for performing QST and other thermal stimulation.

Medoc Main Station (MMS) software allows for precise stimulation, easy data collection and analysis, and comprehensive reports.

 TSA2 Air

How could you use the TSA2 Air in your clinical and research setting?

Users interested in performing all quantitative sensory testing modalities: cold sensation threshold, cold pain threshold, warm sensation threshold, heat pain threshold and thermal sensory limen are well served by this device. The standard DFNS (German Research Network on Neuropathic Pain) protocol can be executed and is well-within the range of the TSA2 Air.

The standard limits and levels methodologies are applicable, and so is the

30x30 mm contact surface which enables the user to apply previously gathered normative reference values that are integrated in the software when testing sensation and pain thresholds.

You could also implement your own normative values in the software for easy comparison. 

The unique features of TSA2 Air: 

  • Air-cooled

  • Portable

  • Full temperature range (0-53°C)

  • Fast speeds (up to 10°C/Sec.)

  • Standard 30x30 mm thermode

  • Standard External control and TTL  

Medoc TSA2 Air

Using standardized thermal testing can assist in the diagnosis of small fibre neuropathies (SFN), chemo-therapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN), diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN), and other types of somatosensory abnormalities that may be caused by central or peripheral nerve damage or dysfunction. 

The fast rates of up at 10°C/sec. can serve researchers who would like to assess peripheral and central pain processing using paradigms of phasic and tonic temporal summation, and endogenous analgesia paradigms like conditioned pain modulation (CPM) or offset analgesia.

Tonic heat and cold, in forms of noxious and non-noxious stimuli, can be applied using the TSA2 Air.

Combining thermal stimuli with other types of stimuli or physiological recording techniques has been made easy in the TSA2 Air with the TTL In and TTL Out inlets.

The TSA2 Air has standard External Control, which enables the user of control the proprietary Medoc Main Station Software to receive and send out commands via programming applications like Phyton, Matlab, and others.

Download the TSA2 Air


Medoc TSA2 Air.jpg

TSA2 Air

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