External control – integrate thermal stimuli in the flow of your experiment

This webinar is dedicated to External Control capabilities of Medoc's TSA 2 system, where we will demonstrate the ways to control the TSA 2 software from an external program. External control will allow you to develop dynamic protocols using MATLAB® or other programming languages, implement the thermal stimulation into multi-modality experiments, combine it with other types of stimulation, and much more.

New CHEPS for TSA 2 – Fast. Precise. Easy.  

This webinar is an exploration of what Medoc's new CHEPS for TSA2 has to offer. During the webinar, we presented the new CHEPS specifications – its high rates, broad temperature range, large and continuous stimulation area, and more - and their potential contribution to your research or clinical work.

TSA-2 - New capabilities - new possibilities

During the webinar, we discussed the new features and capabilities of Medoc’s recently released TSA 2 device, such as dual thermode use, fast rates, use of the device in the fMRI environment, etc., and how those can contribute to your research or clinical work.

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