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VSA2 - a new dimension to vibration QST

Why VSA2?

The new VSA2 vibration sensory analyzer is Medoc’s newest generation vibrational device. VSA2’s special features make it the ideal device for vibration testing in both research and clinical use.


Based on the high success and excellent repeatability of Medoc’s previous vibratory device, the VSA-3000, the contact area has remained the same, as well as the available programs and vibratory stimulations.

VSA2’s exceeding abilities allow vibration testing at various frequencies, ranging from 50 to 350 Hz. Frequency of testing can be adjusted with a resolution of 1 Hz. This opens up new avenues to advanced researchers and clinicians who would like versatility of testing the large A-Beta nerve fibers and their different vibration-sensitive receptors.

Medoc's VSA2 device


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VSA2's features

VSA2 has a standardized pressure of 0.5N, irrespective of the manual force applied or its position in relation to gravitational forces. This allows standardized and repeatable vibration testing on all body sites and in each patient or examiner’s position.

The visual display and quick access buttons on the device itself allow you to control the paradigm during the test with a click of a button on the device itself without the need to handle the computer interface, saving your time and improving your flexibility during the procedure.

VSA2 is supplied with power through its USB-C connection to the laptop, so there’s no need for additional power cords. The dedicated Medoc Main Station (MMS) software allows data storage, results comparison, and the ability to program paradigms, and perform the tests.

For those who would like to do standard testing on the fingers and foot, a hand-foot rest is available for comfortable positioning of your patient and standardization of the testing.

VSA2 is a light, handheld and portable vibration device, which comes in its own carrying case for safe storage and travel.

Use VSA2 to complete your Quantitative Sensory Testing battery to be able to test and quantify large sensory nerve fiber function, along with thermal testing for sensitive and non-invasive assessment small sensory nerve fiber function.

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