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QST, Leading the way to better pain treatment

Leiden University Medical Center walks the edge of science in implementing personalized pain treatment based on an individual’s personal pain profile.

This novel webinar series addresses the use of Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) in clinical pain treatment. The webinars cover the science behind the use of QST in the pain clinic, the types of tests that may be indicative, and bring forth case reports of how QST contributed to better pain management.

Part 1/3: QST - From science to clinic and back

Prof. Albert Dahan discusses the scientific background of quantitative sensory tests in clinical pain practice

Part 2/3: QST - A practical guide

Dr. Monique van Velzen follows a practical approach on quantitative sensory testing.

Part 3/3: QST - Leading the way to better pain treatment

Dr. Marieke Niesters focuses on the clinical applicability of quantitative sensory testing.


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