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Eran Warshai appointed to the role of General Manager

Eran Warshai, GM at Medoc, Ltd.
Eran Warshai, GM at Medoc, Ltd.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Eran Warshai as the General Manager of Medoc, effective Sep. 13, 2020.

During the last 5 years Eran has served as the Head of the Medical Device Division at Medoc, focusing on importing high-end technologies and products for use in hospitals and HMOs in Israel. The division's most notable activity is being the Israeli Business Partner of Boston Scientific Inc. in the field of Neuromodulation for the treatment of patients with chronic pain and movement disorders.

Eran holds a Bachelor's degree in law (LL.b.) and a Master's degree in Health Administration (M.A.H), specializing in the economy of health systems, marketing and business management of hospitals.

Eran brings with him extensive experience and knowledge in various aspects including the field of medical device, the clinical world of pain, the ecosystem of distribution and customers’ engagement.

In his new role as the General Manager, Eran will manage Medoc's overall business operations, both local and international.

In the QST business Eran joins an experienced professional team. Together with Masha Aronovich, Ofrit Bar Bachar, Gilad Barzilay, and Vladimir Betula, he will continue and expand the good cooperation and partnership we have built with you all during recent years.

We welcome Eran to the new position and wish him and the team the very best in the exciting business journey in the coming years.


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