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In 2006, Medoc had decided to expend its activities by exclusively representing international companies and their
products in the Israeli market. The company established a new in-house division to manage the new commerce
activities in Israel - Medoc Israel.

Since 2006, Medoc Israel imports and distributes high-tech medical devices to benefit hospitals and patients.

We have had a long-standing distribution relationship dating back to 2007 with Boston Scientific NM. We have been the exclusive distributor of Boston Scientific’s neuromodulation device, Precision, for Spinal Cord Stimulation in chronic pain management.


In 2012 we expanded our activities in neuromodulation, distributing and supporting Boston Scientific’s Vercise Deep Brain Stimulation systems for movement disorders.

In pain management, we represent Avanos Medical with Radiofrequency (RF) systems and their matching disposables, Metrum Cryoflex with cryo-ablation systemsEpimed with superior quality epidural and nerve block needles, and AlphaMed with a new Epiduroscopy device.

In surgery, we are proud to be the exclusive representatives in Israel for the following companies:
TouchStoneRanDOBP and THD. In orthopedics, we are honored to represent Trice Medical and Shukla Medical.

We pride ourselves in holding enduring exclusive distribution relationships with these world-leading medical device companies, and in our relationship with our customers; Israel’s leading clinical centers, hospitals, and HMO’s.

Our vision is to enable professional and personal services aimed at improving medical care through comprehensive solutions, and to provide leading-edge technologies.​

We are constantly expanding our product portfolio to provide ground-breaking and best-fit solutions in patient care.  

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