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Early design phase spport

Early design phase support

Medoc can assist in small scale validation studies to assure that the QST protocol is feasible and can be successfully implemented.

Recommendations for advanced testing

Recommendations for advanced QST test batteries

Medoc’s scientific team is familiar with QST-related literature, and is experienced with providing recommendations for the most appropriate QST protocols, algorithms, and outcome measure.

Plug and pay tecnologies

Streamlined, plug & play technologies

Streamlined, plug & play technologies with easy set-up and operation. Medoc devices, software, and instructions are easy to set-up and to operate and are designed to support successful testing by inexperienced operators.

customized software and reports

Customized software and reports

Medoc offers customized software to fit the trial specific needs. The customized software is constructed specifically for each trial, allowing ease of use and minimizing the chance for operation error. Among others, customized reports, simplified workflow based on a ‘one-click’ solution, automatic monitoring of visit numbers, automatic upload of data and interface with other software products, are offered.

Multilayered training approach

Multi-layer training approach

Given that QST procedures depend on subjects’ responses, the results can be affected by the exact nature of communication between the study staff and subjects, thus the importance of a well-trained study staff cannot be underestimated. Other elements in the testing procedure also require hands-on experience. For example, how the thermode is attached to the skin and in which orientation, can also modulate results. Medoc offers a harmonized training approach that will assure adequate training, including IM presentations with a live demo on stage, hands-on training during the IM and at the sites, webinars, and self-training protocols.

Comprehensive support

Ongoing, comprehensive support

Technical support during the entire study duration, replacement devices, and a dedicated project manager that is responsible for coordinating all Medoc study-related activities, including on-going testing, training and re-training, technical support, logistics, clinical support, etc.

Our gold-standard QST devices will help you to best apply QST in your next clinical trial 

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