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Thermal QST in Clinical Neurophysiology - a presentation by Dr. Simon Freilich

Dr. Freilich, a leading Consultant in Clinical Neurophysiology in Luton & Dunstable University Hospital and Bedford Hospital, uses thermal QST for the diagnosis of peripheral small fiber neuropathies.

Dr. Freilich shared his experience of the use of thermal Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST) in the Neurophysiology Clinic during this recorded presentation, as a part of the Quantitative Sensory Testing workshop at the joint BSCN and ANS Autumn Scientific Meeting held on October 6-7 in London, UK.

During this presentation, several practical considerations are shared, and real clinical cases of QST are discussed.

We thank Dr. Simon Freilich for generously sharing his presentation with us.

For those clinicians considering to use QST, or already using QST, this presentation could be an eye-opener thanks to its references and explanations of clinical cases and interesting manifestations seen in practice. Different practical points regarding performing QST are emphasized from the rarely shared point of view of the clinician.

Would you like to learn more about the devices mentioned in the presentation?

Read more about the Q-Sense, TSA2 Air, and TSA2.

You can follow Dr. Freilich on his YouTube channel for more interesting neurophysiology news:


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