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Medoc presented at the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) World Congress.

Medoc took part in this year's International Association for the Study on Pain (IASP) world congress on pain, which took place in Toronto, Canada.

We had a great time seeing our customers again after a while away, and we were very proud to participate in the workshop, "Concepts of Providing Standardized Sensory Testing Protocols in Developed and Developing Countries", showing off our devices:

IASP 2022 world congress on pain

In the picture from left-to-right: Miguel Rodriguez (Advanced Medical Equipment, Medoc’s UK and Ireland partner), Masha Aronovich (Medoc), Lioz Steinbuch (Medoc), Phil Brooks (Compass, Medoc's USA and Canada partner), Eran Warshai (Medoc), Ofrit Bar-Bachar (Medoc).


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