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Cold-evoked potentials: Expanding capabilities of Pathway Model CHEPS

Medoc's Pathway model CHEPS
Cold-evoked potentials

A recent study demonstrates that the Medoc PATHWAY system (CHEPS Model) is able to generate a reliably recorded Cold Evoked Potential (CEP) – a non-invasive, painless objective measure for the assessment of A-delta fiber integrity.

The Pathway Model CHEPS System is an advanced thermal stimulator capable of eliciting a recordable pain evoked potential – allowing the clinical researcher to measure and document an objective response to evoked-pain. Cold perception is an important indicator of A-delta fiber function, potentially damaged at an early stage of small-fiber disease. Recording of the Cold Evoked Potentials (CEP) can fill a diagnostic gap related to cutaneous cold receptors.In this study, CEPs were recorded in 16 healthy subjects at baseline, during A-delta block and after the block. The purpose was to verify the reliability of CEPs and the ability to assess the loss and recovery of A-delta function. Stimulation was performed using the PATHWAY system going from the baseline of 30˚C to the destination of 25˚C with a 20˚C/sec rate. The stimulation was applied on the subject’s face, hand and foot. The A-delta block was applied to the hand and monitored by other testing modalities to assess CEPs during A-delta fiber loss of and after functional recovery.

The results demonstrated that CEPs were successfully recorded in all subjects from all tested body sites. During the A-delta block, CEPs were not detectable and were fully restored 10 minutes after the block removal.The study concludes that recording CEPs is a reliable measure of A-delta fiber integrity, loss of function and restitution. The results illuminate the potential diagnostic value for early assessment of small-fiber disease. Pathway Model CHEPS (Contact Heat-Evoked Potential Stimulator) is considered the most advanced device for objective pain assessment available today. It is capable of delivering rapid and accurate cold and heat stimuli. Pathway Model CHEPS provides exciting opportunities in the field of pain research and in development of evidence-base clinical diagnostic procedures.

CEPs performed using Pathway Model CHEPS system requires extended software capabilities.

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