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CPM recommendation meeting at EFIC 2015

EFIC Conference 2015
EFIC Conference 2015

Last September, at the 9th EFIC Pain Meeting, Medoc had sponsored a CPM Recommendation Meeting, organized and headed by Prof. Yarnitsky (Rambam Medical Center, Israel). This meeting is a follow up meeting to a previous CPM session, held during 2 years ago (2013) at the 8th EFIC meeting in Florence.

Over 25 participants, KOLs in the field of CPM, attended this meeting trying to formulate additional recommendations for CPM method used for CPM studies. Some KOLs presented their way of doing CPM and the tools they use in their studies (cold/hot water bath, thermal probe, pressure algometer, blood pressure calf etc).

The session gave the CPM specialist a great platform to address important questions such as the specifications of test and conditioning stimuli, distraction role, attempts to reach a standard CPM protocol, etc. Some of the participants shared the data they have collected, comparing different CPM methods, and their studies results. Medoc was pleased to sponsor this meeting and to get the CPM research community sharing their knowledge and take on this important subject.


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